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Company Name:
vTech Solution Inc.
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Position title: Infrastructure Solution/Network Architect
Location: Chester, VA
Duration: 06 - 08+ months with strong possibility for multiple years extension.

Job Roles:
Duties will include a combination of Network Engineering, Network Administration and System Administration related duties.
Client desires systems administration duties to be performed for the Richmond TOC. The majority of these duties shall be conducted on-site. Work space will be provided at the TOC, and a desktop computer with client network access will be made available. Work hours for the Infrastructure Solutions Architect may vary depending on the critical nature of the work and overall activity at the TOC.

The Infrastructure Solutions Architect shall closely coordinate TOC activities with client's Information Technology Division (ITD) as necessary. This will require coordination with both District and Central Office personnel. Activities may include attendance at IT staff meetings and/or planning meetings.

Any Infrastructure Solutions Architect on-site at the TOC will have full access to and significant privileges on client systems. Therefore, the Infrastructure Solutions Architect and any other contract staff are subject to a finger print criminal history background check prior to commencing duties at the TOC. System and network security must be maintained at all times.

The responsibilities of the Infrastructure Solutions Architect will include maintenance of the network and all current software and hardware at the TOC, and new hardware and software that will be installed in the future. These services will be primarily for central control room hardware, communications infrastructure and software. Field equipment maintenance is primarily performed by other Contract personnel. However, the Infrastructure Solutions Architect will support client personnel for the field equipment installation, maintenance and troubleshooting as necessary.

Daily interaction with TOC systems will provide the Infrastructure Solutions Architect the necessary level of local knowledge as well as build a sense of ownership. Routine systems administration duties may seem relatively trivial, but collectively they determine the long-term health of the system. Such typical duties expected of the Infrastructure Solutions Architect shall include, at a minimum, the following:
Monitor server/database performance (memory/cpu/disc utilization)
Monitor network performance (bandwidth utilization)
Add / delete system users
Change user privileges
Provide full system backups and restoration, if necessary
Manage system security policies and procedures
Manage all aspects of the TOC's Configuration Change Board (CCB) meeting
Manage system configuration
Archive data as directed
Develop reports
Network administration
Implement COTS bug fixes, patches and upgrades
Manage and configure anti-virus software/policies
Add field devices to the system which do not require software modification
Administer TOC equipment management database
Provide other technical support as directed by the Regional Transportation Operations Manager (RTOM) or designee.

Project Overview:
The Infrastructure Solutions Architect will provide system software and hardware support to include technical assistance in evaluating and resolving problems. The Infrastructure Solutions Architect will provide services to troubleshoot system problems. Based on its discovery, the Infrastructure Solutions Architect will assess whether the problem requires intervention by the software vendor.
Required software and hardware modifications will not be completed until approved by the configuration management team.
The Infrastructure Solutions Architect will provide on-site system/software/network maintenance as required. Items that are considered to be routine systems administration duties will be completed by the Infrastructure Solutions Architect. Items that could potentially affect the operation of the system or might require software modifications will be installed within the software contractor's pre-production environment and tested to the extent possible before being installed on the operational system. These items are considered outside of the Infrastructure Solutions Architect task domain.
With client approval, the Infrastructure Solutions Architect will establish the means to remotely monitor the system and troubleshoot problems. This monitoring will be done on an as-needed basis and will be via secure VPN connection. TOC personnel must be notified prior to any remote system access and also notified upon completion of the remote access session.
The Infrastructure Solutions Architect will provide services to apply upgrades or patches to installed COTS software that could potentially require software modifications to the operational system. This may include upgrades or patches to the operating system software.
The Infrastructure Solutions Architect will provide database administration, where changes could potentially require software modifications to the operational system. This will include database fine-tuning, optimization and maintenance. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist